Google Buzz: A Potentially New Marketing Tool

Those of you that uses Gmail should’ve noticed something different after logging into your email account. You should be presented with an additional screen featuring Google’s very new addition… Google Buzz.

Earlier this afternoon Google Buzz went live  after launching it online (in fact, streamed live) over YouTube. It is a brand new social networking tool (somewhat like Twitter) that allows users to share updates, links, photos, videos and more with your Google network. By reading the hundreds of comments posted on YouTube, it would seem as though people have developed a liking for Google Buzz within such a short period of time more than Facebook and even Twitter!

Don’t get me wrong, Google Buzz may not be the Facebook killer but it may appear to be just as significant. As you would have probably figured out on your own, Facebook interacts on a more personal level where you keep in touch with families, friends and co-workers with the many interactive tools and games provided for. Yes, no doubt it can (and is) used by companies to communicate with their prospects and clients but note: the keyword here is communicate.

Google Buzz may end up being in more useful places, away from the consumer social networks into businesses. Google Buzz leans more towards a collaborative tool, something you would want to use to figure out what’s going on right now that’s really important or get something done in a directed, collaborative manner. In other words, it opens up existing intranets in a social nature, doing away with emails forwarded, carbon copied, blind carbon copied to tons of people. Groups of people can now collaborate and share information effortlessly.

Though it may not seem impressive to you at this point of time, Google Buzz may just become a Buzz due to its open API concept, allowing developers from all over the world to improve on its functionality, making it the next big thing online.

To sum it up, Google is not trying to wage war and eliminate Twitter (though it was their first mission). Their main objective is to create a collaboration tool for enterprises. And if you think about it, Google has been targeting enterprises ever since. Gmail for email communication, GDocs for document processing, GChat for instant communication, GApps for productivity (calendar, to-do-lists, etc) and now – GBuzz for collaborative work!

Will Google Buzz work? Or will it end up like Google Wave? You decide!