Branding Myths #1: Part 2

I was talking to a client recently and this question came out relevant to my previous post on Branding Myths #1 and Spring Cleaning..

“How Do I Enhance Customers’ Experience?”

There are 3 simple ways of doing it and it is a proven method as consumers today would very much like to be a part of your business rather than being seen as mere profit sources.

1. Openness: Show your customers your brand‘s processes, systems, structures so they can feel the full experience from you and not separated from it. Most brands today tend to keep these information away from consumers with the perception of “they will ask when they want it”. By doing so, the brand’s vision/objective will not be communicated to the consumers. A good example would be the logistics sector where they now allow prospects to first understand the full process involved and then get them involved in the process itself by providing tracking services, scheduled pick-ups, etc.

2. Community: There will definitely be people either complaining or praising you on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, word of mouth and more! Find and create your own community of followers and make them an ally in delivering a positive message about your brand to the mass consumers.

3. Capitalize: Find ways to identify customers that are enthusiastic and passionate about your brand. They can be your loyal customers, friends, anybody that strongly believes in your brand. Reward their passion and use them as your ‘ambassadors’ to push your brand among the consumers. There is nothing better than a living testimonial walking about, going on and on with your brand!

Test these out and let us know how did it do for you! I’m sure it’ll reap great rewards 🙂 After all, a successful brand forms a constant growing relationship with it’s customers.

Spring Cleaning…

It is that time of the year again – the Lunar New Year! It is a time where there are traffic jams everywhere, packed shopping malls and the time to make some effort to do spring cleaning: your offices, your homes, your cars… your Brand?

Yes, you heard that right – your Brand may be in need of spring cleaning too! Here are 3 areas you may want to look at and start cleaning right away:

1. Customers’ Experience
This includes from prospecting, giving customers choices, follow-up, the sale itself and after-sale service.

Like it or not, a Brand is as good as its customers’ perception. It can only be THE Brand if it receives the liking and the support of the customers. Your Brand can be out there for 50 years in business but if your customers do not return or even talk about you, your Brand is in need of spring cleaning.

Be in touch with them and go beyond mere sales! Your customers have feelings and they like being acknowledged, appreciated and not being seen as an ‘income’. Utilize technology, collect a database of prospects/customers, greet them by name, give them more value out of your service, connect using emails, newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and etc.

2. Staff / Team Experience
Training, development, vision casting, knowledge sharing and more!

Do you know that your sales team (or even yourself) can forget how to sell? I recently read an article from the Sales Ninja about experienced sales people in a public listed company with over 20 years in business, having solid strong relationships with it customers but they flopped in selling a new product. Why and how did this happen? They simply forgot how to sell.

Your staff / team have to be constantly motivated, trained and developed with the same vision and the basics so that they can be always ready on their feet. Remember: one cannot be over-trained. Simply ‘knowing’ won’t get one anywhere, let alone the Brand.

3. Your Own Expectations and Actions

We sometimes take our own expectations lightly or worse, not to have one at all. I’ve came across many individuals saying “I don’t want to expect much.. I may just jinx it”. Familiar? Well, it does have some truth it in. Merely expecting doesn’t make things happen. In many circumstances, we just need to put a foot forward and do it!

To start it of, set daily goals. It doesn’t need to be long. In fact, just start with ONE! It can be as simple as “Greet the people I come in contact with by name”, do it, and have a mini-celebration at the end of the day after accomplishing that goal. Why celebrate? It is also important to reward yourself, your own accomplishments as it is able to give you the confidence to do more, to push yourself further. Continue daily and when you get the hang out of it, set team-wide then department-wide then organization-wide goals and expectations, DO IT and watch your brand propel like never before!

“A Brand’s strength is determined by human factors: prospects/customers, your staff/team and last but not least – yourself.”

So, is it time to spring clean your Brand?

According to Chinese superstition, you must clean your house thoroughly to sweep away misfortune and make way for good luck and fortune in the coming year. The old year and its spirits are banished by sweeping the floors before New Year’s Day. (Don’t sweep on New Year’s Day itself – you’ll sweep away the New Year fortune if you do)

Perhaps it is. Today is a good time to get started!

A&O Corporate Branding Malaysia wishes you the best of your Brand and a Happy Chinese New Year!