About Corporate Branding Malaysia

Corporate Brandbuilding Malaysia

We build brands, They build adverts

“Branding strategies evolve everyday especially through today’s technology and demand. However, merely picking up ‘the latest’ does not give you the competitive edge.” – Andy Wong, Branding Strategist

A&O Corporate Brandbuilding Consultants first started in 1987 as a humble advertising agency, serving some of the industries’ top brands including Bosch, Siemens, Panasonic and more. Being so inclined with advertising, Andy Wong found himself restricted by the limitations of advertising as he realized there were much more involved to make a brand successful in the market.

Andy then gathered a team of industry specialists to then explore the possibilities of branding under the banner of BrandBuilding.com.my. This alliance gained good rapport among many, winning even more brands than before. At this point of time, especially with the continuous swift technological advancements of the internet, Andy knew that the traditional advertising ways are passé… this is the rise of the branding era.

The team, now known as the Brandbuilders consists of branding specialists, each with about 10 – 20 years of experience in various industries. To learn more about the core team, click here!

“What can we do for your brand?”


We conduct integrated branding & marketing systems for maximum brand I.M.P.A.C.T

We help marketeers focus on what works in the marketplace, and what needs to be renewed in their brands by offering the following corporate branding solutions throughout Malaysia:

  • Corporate Image Branding
  • Strategic Corporate Communications & PR
  • Online Marketing & Brand Building Strategies
  • Brand Promotion & Event Management
  • Personal Image Branding
  • many more!

To put it simple, We take your brand and make it real. We’ll do all it takes to build it, and bring it to life.

Find out more about us by sticking to this blog as this is another avenue we use to share, communicate, and to hear from the most important people of all — YOU as YOU, make brands happen.

2 Responses to “About Corporate Branding Malaysia”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Hi, We are the restaurant operator. Could we have an appointment with you on the branding matter. Thank you

    Best regards

    • Jan Wong Says:

      Hi Jamie, thank you for your interest on branding. We will be in touch with you shortly by today. Look forward to speak with you!

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