Regain Control of Your Inbox!

Overflowing InboxOverflowing emails? Too busy to read them? Did you know that a full inbox often means unopened messages, backlogged responses and unnecessary stress. Here are three SIMPLE ways to clear your inbox and your mind:

Read email in batches

Yes, do NOT scan your email only for urgent messages and leave everything else for later – that’s how you begin to get buried. Check your email at set times daily to minimize clutter. At the same time, manage your inbox by having separate folders (or labels, in GMail). It is not a good practice to have every mail within the inbox. In fact, Outlook Express has a common problem of  crashing (leading to loss of emails) when the inbox gets too big!

Use the 2 minute rule

Speed-read through EVERY email (apart from spam, of course) and decide to reply on the spot. Reply emails that are simple and quick first instead of keeping them for later. This will save you tons of time in looking for it later.


The title says it all — Unsubscribe! If you haven’t been reading the past newsletters, chances are, you won’t be reading the upcoming issue too! Get it out of your inbox! After all, most subscription services can be terminated by just a click of the ‘unsubscribe’ button.

There you go! Three very simple ways of keeping your inbox and mind clutter-free!

“Eric Schmidt, The CEO of Google and ultimate overlord of email-hoarding service Gmail deletes every email he receives, unless he’s specifically asked to do otherwise. It seems that Mr. Schmidt has no intention to use those gigabytes of storage on his Gmail account.”

Malaysia’s First Charity Online Fashion Entrepreneurs’ Weekend 2010

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of updates lately. We have been rather busy recently as we’re in the midst of a HUGEEE event!

Malaysia’s FIRST Online Fashion Entrepreneurs’ Weekend (MOFEW) 2010

This event will be the first of its kind in Malaysia, a gathering of over 100 online fashion entrepreneurs nationwide at one of the most prime location in the Klang Valley – the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre from the 13th – 15th August 2010.

malaysia's first charity online fashion entrepreneurs weekend (mofew)

Malaysia's First Online Fashion Entrepreneurs' Weekend 2010

Malaysia's Online Fashion Entrepreneurs' Weekend - MOFEW 2010

MOFEW‘s main objective is to promote online entrepreneurship in Malaysia by showcasing the entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and innovation of existing online entrepreneurs through a series of exhibition, sales, workshops, seminars and various activities to heighten the spirit of this event, throughout all three days! It is definitely an event not to be missed!

Other activities include personal image workshops, hair styling, nail & make-up demos, lucky draws, contests, performances by local artistes and of various genre, goodie bags, food sampling & free vouchers, business start-up counselling, etc. Online media coverage will be immensely extensive with our over 100 online entrepreneurs with their huge database, customers and blogger fans. Currently, we are also exploring a media partnership with Friendster which has more than 115 million members worldwide… On top of that, we will also be having an iPhone application which will also greatly enhance the disemmination of information and marketing aspect including the novelty of being a proud iPhone owner as this media can also help generate greater participation and interest during the event.

And… We are currently looking out of dynamic sponsors / marketing partners to be a part of this exciting event!

Do let us know if you’re interested or if you know anyone that would be interested as your participation will indeed be a great investment in the lives of these upcoming entrepreneurs of Malaysia!