Branding Myths #1: Part 2

I was talking to a client recently and this question came out relevant to my previous post on Branding Myths #1 and Spring Cleaning..

“How Do I Enhance Customers’ Experience?”

There are 3 simple ways of doing it and it is a proven method as consumers today would very much like to be a part of your business rather than being seen as mere profit sources.

1. Openness: Show your customers your brand‘s processes, systems, structures so they can feel the full experience from you and not separated from it. Most brands today tend to keep these information away from consumers with the perception of “they will ask when they want it”. By doing so, the brand’s vision/objective will not be communicated to the consumers. A good example would be the logistics sector where they now allow prospects to first understand the full process involved and then get them involved in the process itself by providing tracking services, scheduled pick-ups, etc.

2. Community: There will definitely be people either complaining or praising you on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, word of mouth and more! Find and create your own community of followers and make them an ally in delivering a positive message about your brand to the mass consumers.

3. Capitalize: Find ways to identify customers that are enthusiastic and passionate about your brand. They can be your loyal customers, friends, anybody that strongly believes in your brand. Reward their passion and use them as your ‘ambassadors’ to push your brand among the consumers. There is nothing better than a living testimonial walking about, going on and on with your brand!

Test these out and let us know how did it do for you! I’m sure it’ll reap great rewards 🙂 After all, a successful brand forms a constant growing relationship with it’s customers.

Branding Myths #1

Welcome back! How have your holidays been and how’s Spring Cleaning thus far?

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the TV commercials (TVC) have become rather repetitive especially throughout the Chinese New Year holidays.  Yes, it is all done in the name of branding but how effective has it been? Do the TVCs motivate you to buy? Or does it simply just annoy you? For the most of us, THAT is the cue to switch channels.

One of the common myth of branding is “all about getting your brand out there”..

Logical as that sounds, it doesn’t work that way.. simply forcing your brand to the consumers  may do more bad than good. Think cold calls, think direct sales pushing products to you.. How effective is that? A brand has to always feel for the consumers and to create a living relationship with its customers.

Easier said than done. I agree.. and that’s why Spring Cleaning is important. It gives you a head start ahead of your competitors in creating a relationship with your customers and positions you (and your business) as a professional within your industry.

Trust me, you won’t want to miss out Spring Cleaning your brand! You’ve got nothing to lose 🙂