The Secret to the Smarter Choice!

In Malaysia, everyone knows, heard or at least find the brand – DiGi (a mobile service provider), familiar and immediately link it to the colour yellow, followed by the yellow man (officiously called YCF – Yellow Coverage Fellow) and the song “I Will Follow You”.

What DiGi has done here is no doubt – Branding. Now, at this point of time you may be thinking along the lines of “but DiGi spent a BOMB on advertising.. I will never get that kind of a budget to spend” or in other words, “branding costs a LOT of money”. That may be true to a certain extend, but do you also know of businesses, companies and organizations that has spent equivalent amount of $$$ but got ZERO returns? I’m sure you do.

So what makes DiGi’s branding movement so successful? Read on!

What DiGi did was unconventional, it was BUZZ. What is BUZZ? Unlike a normal advertisement or a promotion where it starts and fizzles, it starts, explodesand gets everyone TALKING! That is the ultimate difference between mere branding spending and true branding.

BUZZ marketing is one of the most powerful tools in branding as it utilizes the most effective media of all to capture the attention of your customers through personal networks – word of mouth. Believe it or not, word of mouth travels instantaneously especially with today’s technology. Either a bad or good review can immediately show up somewhere online causing hundreds, thousands, and perhaps millions of people reading it! AND, such reviews and comments tend to leave a more lasting impression on individuals. In actual fact, they are forever engraved into the online database. Don’t believe me? Think Facebook! Think Twitter! Think Blogs! These tools aren’t to be messed around lightly as it can be your friend and foe at the very same time.

DiGi's Mascot - The Yellow Coverage Fellow

DiGi's infamous mascot

Being unconventional is one of the keys to BUZZ marketing (I will be giving out more keys on future posts so stay tuned!). DiGi successfully utilized this key by implementing a striking mascot – the yellow man or the YCF. Now pause and think for a bit, who on earth associates telecommunications with man in yellow suits running around? It would have even been a ridiculous thought in the beginning! Well, DiGi did and it caused a storm in Malaysia. People started to talk about it, sharing it with their friends and to find out more about this yellow figure and naturally, the mobile plans that DiGi provides.

Lets put DiGi aside and look at another telecommunications company – Telekom Malaysia (TM). Nothing great, you say? TM recently launched a promotional movement based on the theme “Everyone Connects” and created a massive crowd of followers within a short period of time. They maximized the power of BUZZ and leveraging on today’s technology to spread an initially mysterious video clip online that is said to have won the hearts of Malaysians. People just kept spreading the word (and the video) and they were literally hooked to it! It was also reported in The Star whereby people actually memorized the lyrics to the song to sing-a-long! Whats more is that TM was able to pull a huge street event, closing the roads of Bukit Bintang, KL to have a massive sing-a-long session all these through a video!

That is the power of BUZZ! This is more than advertising.. Yes, it IS advertising, but it is just a TOOL for an effective BRAND MESSAGE – a message that lasts.

Now, is branding advertising? NEVER! Branding… Always The Smarter Choice!

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